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BioLab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

BioLab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

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Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Rhianna Anderson And Bella Gregory Say About Biolab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

“I was embarrassed to wear open-toed shoes because of my nail fungus, but after using the BioLab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen, I can now show off my toes with confidence. The fungus disappeared within just a few weeks, and my nails are now healthy and strong. I'm so happy I finally took the step to get this amazing treatment." - Rhianna., 32, Washington

"I was embarrassed to show my feet in public because of the yellow, brittle nails caused by my nail fungus. I tried every home remedy I could find, but nothing seemed to work. Finally, I decided to try BioLab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen and was amazed at the results. Within a few weeks, my nails were looking better, and after a few months of use, my nails were completely clear and healthy again." - Bella., 38, Indiana  

Nail Fungus: A Treatable Problem

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a fungal infection that affects the nails on the hands or feet. It can cause nails to become thick, brittle, discolored, and distorted in shape. Nail fungus is a common condition that affects about 6-8% of the population. It is more prevalent in older adults, people with diabetes or circulation problems, and those who frequently have their nails exposed to moist environments such as public showers or swimming pools.

While some people may not experience any signs or symptoms, others may notice changes to the color, shape and surface of their nails. The fungus may spread to other parts of your body including your fingers, toes, scalp and groin area.

Symptoms of A Nail Fungus

The symptoms of nail fungus can vary, but some common signs include:

  1. Thickening of the nail: As the infection progresses, the nail can become thick and difficult to cut.
  2. Discoloration: The nail may become yellow, white, brown, or black in color.
  3. Brittleness: The nail may become brittle and break easily.
  4. Deformation: The nail may become distorted in shape and may lift away from the nail bed.
  5. Separation of the nail from the nail bed: The infected nail may begin to separate from the nail bed, causing pain and discomfort.
  6. Foul odor: In severe cases, the infected nail may emit a foul odor.
  7. Pain: Some people may experience pain or tenderness in the affected area.

It is important to note that not everyone with nail fungus will experience all of these symptoms, and some people may have very mild symptoms. If you suspect you have nail fungus, it is important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

How Does Blue Light Therapy Work For Nail Fungus?

Blue light therapy is a non-invasive treatment option for nail fungus that uses a specific wavelength of blue light  415 nm to target and kill the fungal spores. The blue light is applied directly to the affected nails and surrounding skin, penetrating  deeply where it targets the fungi that cause nail fungus without damaging healthy tissue or causing scarring.  The treatment works by emitting a specific wavelength of blue light, which is absorbed by a pigment called porphyrin that is produced by the fungal cells. This absorption of light leads to the destruction of the fungal cells and eventually clears the infection.

Blue light therapy is a relatively quick and painless procedure that typically takes about 30 minutes per nail. There is no downtime after the procedure, and most people are able to return to their normal activities immediately. The therapy is often combined with topical antifungal medication to enhance the treatment's effectiveness.

A laser pen that stops fungus dead in its tracks. With a single click of a button, you can eliminate fungus from your life in no time flat.

Introducing  BioLab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen: A Happy Ending for Your Fungal Problems

BioLab™ AntiFungus Blue Light Laser Pen is the world's first at-home treatment for toenail fungus that uses technology to fight back against your fungal infection. It penetrates the infected nail plate and locks in pathogenic pathogens on the nail bed with a wavelength of 415 nm blue energy, while combining 905nm infrared pulsed laser radiation (which studies show has antifungal properties)that  creates a synergistic effect that can kill onychomycosis without affecting or damaging surrounding tissues.

The BioLab™ Anti Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen is a simple, easy-to-use device that will blast those embarrassing toenails of yours with an intense blue light that will kill the fungus on contact. No more stinky feet for you! It's painless, safe, and effective—just shine it on your infected nails for up to 15 minutes each day until they're clear!

So if you're tired of looking at those gross yellow spots on your nails and want something easy that'll get rid of them fast—look no further than  Biolab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen! Get yours today!

Excellent Benefits of  BioLab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

  • an innovative and effective tool to combat the spread of fungus
  • features a special light-emitting diode (LED) laser equipped in a probe head that emits blue light at a wavelength of 415 nm
  • penetrates deep into the nail, destroying fungus at the source and preventing it from growing back
  • the pen's ergonomic design makes it easy to hold in one hand while using with the other hand to target infections in hard-to-reach places like under the nails or between toes
  • can be used at home or while traveling as it is completely portable
  • provides an easy-to-use alternative to prescription treatments that require daily application for weeks or months
  • Durably made from high quality materials which ensure long term use
  •  safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly
  • Deliver incredible results in as little as two weeks

Take A Look At Marianne’s Ultimate Experience with  BioLab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen

Before Use:

I have been suffering from nail fungus for years, and I was so embarrassed by the state of my nails that I stopped wearing nail polish altogether. I tried every topical treatment available, but nothing worked. I was worried that the fungus would spread to my cuticles and even infect my finger tips. When I saw this product online, I thought it was a bit pricey for what looked like just a pen. But then I noticed that it was actually a blue light laser pen designed specifically for nail fungus. That's when I decided to try it out.

After Use:

I am so glad that I did! My nails are now completely clear and healthy looking after three weeks of using this  pen twice daily, and this is thanks to Biolab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen. I can't believe how simple it was to use! And the best part is, you don't have to keep using it forever—it works for good!


  1. Turn on the laser pen by holding down the button.
  2. Point the laser at the location where you want to remove fungus.
  3. Press and release the button repeatedly to activate the blue light, which will kill fungus cells on contact.
  4. Then apply the laser pen to your affected area and gently move it around.
  5. Repeat the steps daily to achieve maximum results.


  • Product size: 2*2*14
  • Product weight: approximately  30g
  • Color: White
  • Type: pen
  • Target User: general

Product Includes

  • 1 x  BioLab™ Anti-Fungus Blue Light Laser Pen
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