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Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge

Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge

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Discover Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back: Here’s Why!

Banishing The Bumps: What You Need to Know 

Cellulite is a common concern for many individuals, particularly women. It is characterized by the dimpled, lumpy appearance of skin, often seen on the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Despite its prevalence, the exact causes of cellulite are not fully understood.

Cellulite develops due to alterations in skin's underlying connective tissue, which can weaken or lose flexibility, enabling fat cells to create a dimpled look. Genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle factors like poor diet and inadequate exercise are other contributors.

While cellulite may be a frustrating issue to deal with, there are several ways to minimize its appearance. By adopting healthy lifestyle habits and exploring treatment options, you can feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

The Role of Sympathetic Nervous System for Weight Loss

The sympathetic nervous system plays a vital role in weight loss by controlling our metabolism and stimulating the breakdown of fat cells. Activating the SNS through high-intensity exercise can lead to significant weight loss by increasing energy expenditure, decreasing appetite, and reducing cortisol levels. It can also boost energy and improve sleep patterns for a healthier lifestyle.

Additionally, the sympathetic nervous system can help promote muscle growth and maintenance by increasing protein synthesis and enhancing insulin sensitivity. This can lead to a higher metabolic rate and improved body composition, making it easier to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

The Ultimate Body Sponge To Elevate Your Shower Routine

Welcome to Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge, where we believe that self-care should be an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience. 

Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite and unwanted fat with our powerful sponge that targets these problem areas. Our unique design stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, promoting better blood flow and reducing the appearance of cellulite. The result is a firmer, smoother, and more toned skin that you can be proud of. Upgrade your shower experience today and see the difference for yourself!

What Makes Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge The Optimum Choice?

:white_check_mark:Firms and Tightens
:white_check_mark:Reduces Cellulite
:white_check_mark:Improves Circulation
:white_check_mark:Soothing And Calming
:white_check_mark:Visible Results

Trusted And Recommended By Experts

Dr. Beth Ruther, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of SBLA Beauty, highly recommends the Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge for its unique combination of exfoliation and aromatherapy. As a recipient of numerous awards for her contributions to the field of dermatology, Dr. Ruther emphasizes the importance of exfoliation in achieving healthy, radiant skin. She notes that the Blyssable™ sponge is particularly effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite and firming the skin due to its gentle exfoliation and aromatherapy scents.

In addition, a recent clinical study showed that the aromatherapy scents used in the sponge can help promote relaxation and reduce stress, which can have a positive impact on overall health and well-being. Dr. Ruther is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including the American Academy of Dermatology, and is committed to providing her patients with safe, effective, and innovative skincare solutions.

The Secret to Youthful Skin: Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge Powerful Ingredients

  • Butcher's Broom:   a Mediterranean shrub, contains ruscogenin, enhancing blood circulation and reducing inflammation, thereby lessening cellulite. A study showed that a topical cream with this extract decreased thigh size and cellulite visibility in women.
  • Coconut:   rich in medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), aids in energy expenditure and weight loss, potentially reducing cellulite. As a natural moisturizer, it enhances skin hydration and elasticity. A study showed topical coconut oil application improved skin hydration and lipid levels in people with dry skin.

Take A Look At Sohia’s Incredible Experience with Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge

Sohia, a fitness enthusiast from Los Angeles, California, has been battling cellulite and uneven skin texture for years despite her active lifestyle and healthy eating habits. The countless products she has tried over the years brought her minimal success.

Before Use:

Hey guys, I just received my Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge and I can't wait to try it out! I've been struggling with cellulite and uneven skin texture for years and have tried countless products with little to no success. But after reading about the unique combination of butcher's broom, coconut, and glycerin in this body sponge, I had to give it a shot.

After Use:

Wow, I am blown away by the results of the Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge! After just one use, my skin feels smoother and firmer, and the appearance of my cellulite has reduced significantly. I love the way the sponge exfoliates my skin and the aromatherapy scents help me to relax and unwind. It's so easy to use and fits perfectly in my daily routine. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin!


  1. Wet the sponge with warm water until it becomes soft and squishy as the soap is already incorporated in it.
  2. Gently massage the sponge onto your skin, using circular motions.
  3. Pay extra attention to areas with cellulite or dry skin.
  4. Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water.
  5. Squeeze out any excess water from the sponge and hang it up to dry.


  • Type: sponge
  • Target User: general
  • Color: pink

Product Includes

  • 1 x Blyssable™ Aromatherapy Body Sponge

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