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NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device

NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device

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Hear What Our Happy and Satisfied Customers Andrea Smith and Nadia Olsen Say About NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device

"I began to notice my cuticles were becoming more and more dry and flaky, so I decided to try the NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device. I have been using it for a few months now and can see a difference in the health of my nail bed. My nails are not as soft or brittle and they don't peel as much. The device is easy to use, lightweight, and portable. It works great for both hands and feet! I would recommend this product for anyone who wants to improve their nail health." - Anna, 34, Portland Oregon - 

"Over the years, I've tried many different ways to get rid of my nail fungus, but nothing worked. I was so frustrated with my nails and didn't know what else to do. But then I heard about this amazing new product called NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device, and I knew it was the last chance for me! And boy, am I glad I took it! After just a few weeks of using this device as directed, my nails were completely clear again!"  - Nadia., 41, Arizona - 

Nail Fungus: The Enemy of Healthy Nails

Nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a common fungal infection that affects the nails on the hands and feet. It can cause the nails to become thick, discolored, brittle, and crumbly. The infection can occur on one or more nails, and it can spread to other nails if left untreated. Nail fungus is usually caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes, but other types of fungi, such as yeast and molds, can also cause the infection. 

The fungi that cause nail fungus are present on millions of people's skin all over the world without causing any symptoms at all. But when they enter the nail bed through a small cut or break in the skin around your nail, they begin to multiply and cause problems.It can be picked up from public areas, such as pools, locker rooms, and showers, or from sharing nail grooming tools with someone who has the infection. Treatment options include over-the-counter antifungal creams, prescription oral medications, and in severe cases, surgical removal of the nail.

The Secret to Nail Fungus Remission: LED Light Therapy

Light therapy is a safe and effective way to treat nail fungus. It involves shining an ultraviolet (UV) light on the affected area with a device that emits UVB radiation between 320 nm and 400 nm. 

LED light therapy for nail fungus is based on the principle that specific wavelengths of light can penetrate the nail and kill the fungus causing the infection. The therapy typically uses blue or red light, which are known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Blue light has been shown to have a fungicidal effect on various types of fungi, while red light may help reduce inflammation and promote healing. 

Introducing NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device: The Cure to Your Fingernail Woes

There's no fungal infection that can stand up to the power of the NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device.

Whether your nails are infected with fungus or you just want to keep them looking their best, the NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device is here to help. With a curved and half-closed design to protect your hands and eyes, this device has everything you need to cure your infected nails and keep them looking healthy. The NailPro™ comes equipped with 6pcs uv & led lamp beads, which will help treat your nails quickly and effectively. It also has a low heat  that protects your eyes and skin from harmful rays, so you can enjoy painless treatment without fear of damage. 

The light emitted from the lamp penetrates through your skin and into the nail bed or matrix, where it interacts with your body's immune system and inhibits the growth of the fungus. That means you're not only treating your nails but also helping your body fight off an infection that could spread to other parts of your body. And because it's portable and lightweight, this device can go wherever you go—making it easy for you to stay on top of maintenance no matter where life takes you!

It's time to treat your nails the way they deserve to be treated. Get yours today!


  • Non-invasive treatment: Unlike oral medications or topical antifungal creams, NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device is a non-invasive treatment that doesn't require any medication to be ingested or applied to the skin or any extensive training or expertise to get it done.
  • Safe and painless: NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device is a safe and painless treatment that doesn't have any known side effects or risks.It uses a combination of specific wavelengths of light to kill fungus and regrow damaged nails, so you can get back the healthy paws you miss!
  • Convenient and easy to use: NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device for nail fungus is definitely small and easy to use, allowing you to treat your nails at home without needing to visit a doctor's office.
  • High success rates: The use of NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device has been shown to be effective in treating nail fungus in many people, with some studies reporting success rates of over 90%.
  • Quick treatment times: Treatment sessions with NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device are typically short, usually lasting only a few minutes, making it a convenient treatment option for people with busy schedules.
  • Can be used in combination with other treatments: NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device can be used in combination with other nail fungus treatments, such as oral medications or topical to increase the chances of clearing the infection.
  • Rechargeable: USB line can be connected with laptop, power bank, mobile adapter

Take A Look At Jaimee’s Ultimate Experience With NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device

Before Use:

 I had never been able to grow my nails. I just couldn't do it—they'd always break off or get brittle and peel right back to the quick. They were also always yellowed and dingy looking. I tried everything from soaking them in tea tree oil to painting them with clear nail polish, but nothing worked. So I went to the doctor and they gave me some fungus medicine that was basically just a lot of pills with side effects that weren't super fun. Then a friend told me that this device can help me get rid of it, but I didn't believe it. After all, what can a little light do against such a stubborn issue? I thought that this thing was just another one of those gimmicks that you see on infomercials late at night.

After Use:

I am so glad to be wrong! This device is amazing! The results are incredible—in just 2 weeks of use, you'll see a dramatic reduction in nail fungus! And this treatment is virtually painless—it feels like a gentle massage on your finger or toe. My nails were stronger than ever before. They stopped splitting, they grew faster than ever before (and without splitting or breaking), and they looked healthier. Plus, I was able to do it all from home—no need to go out of your way or spend money on expensive treatments! Now my nails are as good as they've ever been since puberty hit me like a ton of bricks. 


  1. Cleanse your nails with soap and water, then dry them completely.
  2. Long press the ON/OFF button for 1-2 seconds, then press it for 60 seconds to cure.
  3. Place your nails underneath the device so that all 10 of them  are exposed to its light therapy rays for at least five minutes per nail (the longer you leave them there, the better).


  • Colors: white, pink
  • Type: nail therapy device
  • Target User: general
  • Power: 6W
  • Product Size: 4.72 x 2.17 x 2.36 inches

Product Includes

  • 1 x NailPro™ Nail Fungus LED Light Therapy Device
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